Screams, Light, Music!

On the catwalk are ten strong and powerful women dressed in clothes designed by Anna Annomalia. On 11th of March in the Mojo Club in Szczecin took place premiere of D.E.M.O’n collection. For the first time a wider audience had the opportunity to see majority of the D.E.M.O’n line in all glory. The premiere of the show was organized to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the hairdressing salons, Beverly Hills.

The audience located in the net-gothic interiors of Mojo Club didn’t expect such an event. The show was not announced and was supposed to be a surprising attraction for people who were taking part in this event. At some point, the interior was filled with terrifying screams and moans. It was just a sign to start the show.The music emphasized only the strongest sides of collection. After spectacular finale began in another part of the event.

In the silver cage, in the middle of the Mojo Club, nearly naked model stayed and performer Anna Annomalia started the process of implementation performance. The audience didn’t hide curiosity, probably because most of them have seen process of creating a completely personalized creations for the first time in their life.With every passing minute the model’s body dried up a lot of liquid latex layers and created a unique dress. After almost an hour the dress was ready and the audience rewarded the performance by thunderous applause.

But the star of the evening was not all a performer Anna Annomalia, but Lena Górny who was a organizer of the event. Especially for her, Anna Annomalia designed the hand-made evening dress, created by liquid latex. Unusual cut and materials made Lena an unrivaled star of the whole ceremony.


Backstage collection of D.E.M.O’N’s series

Looking out the window watching as darkness slowly enshrouds other buildings that surround the studio in which we‘re currently in. The huge building with its prevailing climate looks more like a psychiatric ward from times of war than a place in which innovative projects arise. After 12 hours spent in this place spacetime starts to fade, you lose control over time and forget to eat. Your concentration reaches its peak, because in order to create something unique you need to put maximum effort.

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Aptly named Anna Annomalia

I was born in Sulechów in 1988, when the doctor just after the birth grabs pliers, squeeze so hard with me informally accept as a future student of medical art. It turned out I was drawn to the scissors but not especially to the surgery’s scissors. I’m a desginer, a performer, a technologist of pharmacy, a passionate of martial arts, a finalist of Project Runway. Magazine Elle used to called me an experimentator.