Backstage collection of D.E.M.O’N’s series

Looking out the window watching as darkness slowly enshrouds other buildings that surround the studio in which we‘re currently in. The huge building with its prevailing climate looks more like a psychiatric ward from times of war than a place in which innovative projects arise. After 12 hours spent in this place spacetime starts to fade, you lose control over time and forget to eat. Your concentration reaches its peak, because in order to create something unique you need to put maximum effort.

Standing by and observing the creative process is a very inspiring experience. With every passing minute you can see a pyramid being build brick by brick to finally reach the desired result. Every person in the studio, even those apparently not involved in the project, is focused on the set which is the heart of this place. Despite being blinded by the flash you keep looking at the same place. Flashing lamp ceases to bother you, the music that plays from the speakers seems to be inaudible and the computer is being filled with brand new photographs. You witness the birth of something new! Something that will soon diametrically affect the world of fashion and art.

In the project took part:

Foto :MartaBrodziakPhotography

Backstage foto&video : Koralo Niziołek

Foto packshot: Natalia Faron

Model: Karol Niziołek, Klaudia Kozik, Olga Krasova

Make-up: Anna Lewandowska

Hair stylist: Kamil Pecka

Stylist&hepl: Daria Kaźmierczak

Help: Sylwia Apka

Help: Weronika Ślęzak

Production : Anna Annomalia