Aptly named Anna Annomalia

I was born in Sulechów in 1988, when the doctor just after the birth grabs pliers, squeeze so hard with me informally accept as a future student of medical art. It turned out I was drawn to the scissors but not especially to the surgery’s scissors. I’m a desginer, a performer, a technologist of pharmacy, a passionate of martial arts, a finalist of Project Runway. Magazine Elle used to called me an experimentator.


I’m permanently and volitionally committed to the freedom of art and this is my vision in the form of love for fashion. That’s a reason why I prefer being free designer and I would like to define my role in the brand which I’m creating. This is a short script of insane, sometimes almost impossible, avant-garde realizations which perfectly reflect the different stages of my life.
-My curiosity of feminine power, sucked out directly from the nature: the dress made by coffee beans,
-Being interested in my native roots (Nowa Sól), which is a collection of dresses which are made by salt.
-Short Episode with avant-garde costumes, collection of dresses which are made by CD/DCD.
-Back to the years of my childhood in the theater Terminus a quo and the newly thorough vision of fashion and my mission, which I want to realize that through creating a technologically innovative performance which is called 2ndSkinbyAnnomalia.

Birthmark of vision I try to move directly to the acts of creative works by Annomalia brand. I want to give people not only a form of clothing, but the idea of wearing. A blog, which I’m writing here, will explore the spaces which are invisible but which give all these annomaly experiences.

The Wikipedia defines „annomaly” like something weird and strange and that’s perfect definition of a fully reflecting the specifics of the Annomalia Brand. The oscillation between extreme emotions and impressions on one line of life, the pulse of daily life. This is everything about the logo. The line of life but also of death, because art and fashion don’t know these mundane boundaries. It starts flashing, living, beating, vibrating… From plus to minus, sharing and connecting to femininity with masculinity, hot and cold, wildness and gentleness, night and day, black and white to the transparent mission of fashion art which I carry about it itself. All of creations by Annomalia are formed on the basis of my greatest inspirations, the life. That’s how it everyday and its contemplation of the here and now allows me breath full breast of creative inspiration. All is a little philosophical but only because of the well-established as a mark of personal awareness that I wish to share but above all impute to the actual situation for those interesting. And if you read the message, it is probably to some extent you are in the circle. Annomalia Brand which I’m creating, I’m in itself but not the same because for me and even more ME is a company of very important people, whose silhouettes praise in subsequent posts. 2016, it was a year of transformations, changes and difficult decisions. Farewell to the wrong people and relationships, many new non-accidental feedback and splendor. But one of my favorite writers, Milan Kundera, said : There are no accidents or everything is one big coincidence. What’s next? Next Year will be a long way that I relate and apply right here, on the platform, which is intended to allow you to not only buy clothes, but also to explore another creative vision actualized in the form of clothes, paintings, furniture or films. I’m against to extreme and totally biased and pervasive political matters. That’s why I warn you that it will be a space where protests say sometimes very expressive pour out your impressions, very subjectively. I used to say „express yourself”. The way is the goal, today I will add : the way is a purpose so do everything the BEST.